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I've been around the block several times, been there and done that. In 2006 I knew nothing about Medicare but found myself becoming covered by it. Because of the massive potential "out of pocket" which is part of Medicare I didn't like the prospects of having to rely solely on that. So, I spent a lot of time researching Medicare Advantage programs and finally chose the one that I liked best. I liked it so much that I got my son interested in becoming an insurance agent to sell Medicare Advantage programs. Over the next couple of years he expanded his field of interest and grew his business to where he pulled me into it with him. In this past decade, I've enjoyed watching Max and his happy group expand their services to help thousands of people in Northern Utah.

The various Medicare Advantage programs I've been enrolled in over the last 10 years (yes . . . they do change a bit each year, and I go where I can get the best deal) have all been very favorable for me. I've chosen now to be on a Medicare Supplement program and my wife is on an Advantage program because that split gives us the coverage we need and saves us money which we spend on things much more fun that insurance premiums and health care costs. Since Senior Insurance Solutions is a full service brokerage we review all the available programs each year and help our customers find the one that most benefits them. Though I now spend as limited time helping my customers with what best serves them, I really enjoy the opportunity to be of help.

Before I got "back in the saddle" with Medicare related insurance sales I spent many years as a Real Estate Broker. I was also a Mortgage Broker. And dipped my toes into real estate development for a few years. Oh, and, I spent several years in International Banking where my wife and I were blessed with children born in Provo . . . New York . . .Venezuela . . . Jamaica . . . Panama . . . Paris . . . and . . . Houston. Spent several years in the Middle East before it became the hot­bed of radical hatred toward America. I've traveled the world, met a bunch of wonderful people and had more fun than a kid from small town Utah ever dreamed possible. Hopefully, one day, you and I will meet and I will be able to count you amongst my interesting friends.