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Hello, I am David Nelson and I have been helping people with their Health Care and Retirement needs in Utah and Salt lake Valley for over 14 years. I grew up in and raised a fine family in Provo and Orem area. During my adult career I have served many people, assisting them through the maze of  Medicare, Medicaid, Obama Health Insurance, Disability and/or products for those with limited incomes. Basically, I can provide you with a list of the Government Programs designed to assist you and take care of your specific needs. 

In certain circumstances individuals will need Skilled Nursing or Long Term Care Nursing services for a spouse or family member. In most cases, I can help save thousands of dollars that would just go to the nursing home. With my help, individuals can set up a specific trust and set aside in excess of $10,000 to $20,000. This money can then be used to take care of specific things that the individual wants for their final expenses and/or for the needs and comfort of their loved ones.

I am very service oriented and am happy to join you at the Social Security office, Medicaid office, and various Home Care and Nursing facilities. I will even help you handle the paperwork!

Final expense planning, along with your Life Insurance and Retirement Needs are very important issues to address early. Health Care is very complicated these days. Those who plan for their Health Care needs usually have a much better and less stressful life. Let’s get together sooner rather than later.  I look forward to being your advocate!