Do you charge anything for your help?

No. As agents we represent you and we do not charge you for our time. We are paid by the insurance companies for helping you select the best plan for you. We also get paid a little bit each month so that we are there to provide the support you need year after year.

How soon will my Medicare Advantage plan take effect?

Most plans will take effect on the 1st of the following month. The two major exceptions to this are when you sign up for next year during the Open Enrollment period from October 15th to December 7th each year and your plan will then start on January 1st. The other exception is when you are signing up during the three month period before your Medicare Part A and B take effect. In this case your plan will usually take place at the time your Medicare Parts A and B start.

How do I get a new Medicare ID card?

For a new Medicare ID card please call 1-800-Medicare | 1-800-633-4227

How soon will my new ID cards come?

New cards usually take 2 weeks to arrive by mail. In the meantime you will almost always receive a welcome letter from your new insurance plan within 5 days. This letter will have important information about your plan, your ID number, and numbers the Pharmacy will need to help you get your medications. Why do you

Why do you wear such bright shirts?

Great Question! The color is technically “Athletic Gold” and it really stands out don’t you think?!? We want to be memorable to people that we meet and we are always letting people know that “We aren’t hiding from anyone. We are here to be found and to help!”

Which plan is the best one for me or the best one this year?

Another fantastic question. The most important factor in this question is “YOU”. Each person has individual preferences, prescription needs, Doctor and Facility preferences, and financial resources. We do a thorough “Needs Analysis” with each person and make sure that we understand what is most important to you and then we make recommendations and discuss options with you and assist you in your decision. Each year your needs can change or the policy may possibly change. We are there individually and as a team to help you every year and any time with what is most important to you!