Jo Huntington

Help Desk + Help Dog



The past few years has been a wild ride, as I have harnessed and unleashed the many creative assets and experiences culminating into my own business, Brave Forest Creative. With my business I have embraced Brand Identity, Photo Work, Video, Web Development, Art Direction, and Brand Engagement; essentially, all marketing collateral. Brave Forest approaches the world in a unique way, thoughtfully breaking the rules of design, and pushing boundaries, to create innovative, and beautiful work. 


I was extremely excited to join Insurance SoluTNS as their Web Developer and Guru, along with my trusty sidekick, Banksy. Embracing my carrier ambitions, rendered a mental shift in the way I think creatively and work my body, stimulating a mental fierceness I had only dabbled in. My body suddenly wanted to start running up mountains, biking faster, swimming longer, and engaging in yoga poses with full integrity. As I have started training for races and triathlons, I have found myself enjoying longer workouts, and runs I never thought I was capable of before. I participated in my first in my first Half Ironman (St.George Half), and endured a few Xterra, off road triathlons as well. I am addicted!! 

One might say I adore the outdoors, but that is kind of an understatement. If I do not get outside everyday, I get a tad bit angry, but I have the best fur beast a girl could ask for to accompany me. My pup, Banksy, keeps me extremely active. We run and hike mountains, mountain bike, and paddle-board together (although I'm not sure if he actually loves the paddle-board, but to no avail refuses to let me go without him). Banks makes an appearance at all of my commercial shoots, taking pleasure in snuggling with the creative team and models, all while making sure everyone around him is comfortable. He even patiently accompanies me while I shop! Needless to say, wherever I go, Banks goes too. 


"Jordan is an exceptional artist. She is not just a phenomenal photographer, she is an inspiring professional who has an amazing unique vision and voice. She is a joy to work with, and goes the extra ten miles to make sure you are just as excited about the outcome of the project as she is. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jordan and her work to anyone who is looking for their visual brand to be elevated. Her and her work are fresh, modern and fun. What a lovely brilliant person to work with."

- Mandy Booth | Pigeon House Design

"Jordan is my happiest friend, and I have lots of friends. This is what makes her excellent to work with and top that off with her creative mind and active spirit, Jordan can bring energy and talent to almost any organization."

- Scott Paul | VP Product @ Maker Studios 

"Jordan was instrumental in helping me get elected to a position within my national professional organization. She created a vivid and stunning email blast that captured the recipient's attention and caused the traffic to my campaign election webpage to skyrocket. Without Jordan's contribution I do not believe I would have been elected."

- Brian Connors