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I really enjoy fun facts. I recently read an article by The Washington Post about wether people enjoy their jobs or not. It included a Gallup Poll which shows that only 13 percent of employees are "engaged" in their jobs, or emotionally invested in their work. Truly most people can not say they enjoy what they do; however I do! Joining has changed my life in so many ways, I get true satisfaction from helping others understand and figure out Medicare. 

This all started for me when a guy in a bright yellow shirt trotted into the sporting goods store where I was working. We started talking about the mysteries of life, and I asked Max what he did for a living. He told me he helped people with Medicare and Loved doing it! He struck me as a expert and truly genuine in his desire to help people and make a difference. I then commented to him that I had no idea what medicare was, but that he should give me a job. It was the beginning of an amazing new life for me and my family! Four years later, I am still here and I have helped hundreds upon hundreds of people with their Medicare needs. 

With this career I get to spend more time with my family, and my kids say I’m a "Cool Dad" because I was the only dad at their summer basketball camp. As I have built my business helping people, I have also been able to help others begin a life-changing career as well. I've shared this business with many of my friends and I enjoy watching them grow and change their lives for the better. 

I have been in the US Military in some capacity, for the past 15 years. First as an Active Duty Army, and now I am in a reserve status. I enlisted in 2002 as a Combat Engineer and have deployed multiple times to Iraq. My wife, Noel, has been my by my side the entire time...... even when I've been half a world away!

Thank for your informative presentation this evening, but thank you much more for your engaging personality and your willingness to work with people on a continuing basis to make sure they understand their options and to act as their advocate in making sure they get the best programs possible for their circumstances.

Thanks Again
— Nancy